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Roberta Diazzi

Born April 5, 1973 in Modena, the artist Roberta Diazzi graduated in 1992 from the art institute "A. Venturi ”, specializing in graphic techniques. The painter immediately understands the importance of the pictorial gesture in the search for an immediate visual communication: the creative brushstrokes of her oil painting give the works that great expressive impact that has become its exclusive sign. This sign - which makes adherence to the true its most celebrated quality - crosses the fabric of his canvases materializing in the extraordinary game of a very personal stylistic-expressive code, ascribable to the greats of international Pop Art especially in the chromatic choices: Andy Warhol for the seriality of his depictions; and Roy Lichtenstein for that original stylistic revision derived from the comic. It is this artistic mixture that has decreed the success of his works. It is no coincidence that, during these intense years of activity, the painter has received important commissions from illustrious Italian families, struck by so much quality: the Ferrari family, the Montezemolo family and Luciano Pavarotti deserve a memory. She has worked for several years in the Principality of Monaco where he receives awards from the same Princess Carolina, who has the opera "l'œvre pop de Monaco" in his studio. The artist creates works Crystals from Swarovski®, for the well-known production of works with total backgrounds with original crystals of the Austrian company. The last in order of time - but no less important - the collaboration with Luxor Jewels: the portrait of Peng Liyuan, designed for a brief stay in the company's Shanghai Show Room Italian, later joined the private collection of the Chinese First Lady. Nevertheless, the Modenese artist is an attentive and eclectic painter: frequently the occasion on which she paints landscapes and views of metropolises, manifesting the signs of that globalization and that mixture of different artistic cultures typical of contemporary Neo-Pop. And that she, a vital and sensitive artist, totally understands. The result is a painting in which the harmony of contrast is combined with the pleasantness of the sign, giving the observer the value of aesthetically well-made things.

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