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Claudia Limacher was born in Germany, spent 20 years of her adult life in California, where she earned her MBA and built her own consulting company together with her Swiss husband. Claudia began her full-time painting practice a few years ago, having discovered her passion for painting by chance when walking into a professional studio in 2013.

Painting has become her meditation and passion. Her wish is that her work touches the viewer in some way, to make the viewer pause, to make their feelings or dreams visible. She currently lives in Lucerne, Switzerland, with her family and is in the studio as often as possible. Her art can be found in many private collections in Europe and the US.

Claudia is an autodidact and love to use mixed media like acrylics, oil, spray paint, pure pigments and pastels.

Artists Statement: I am abstract, impressionistic art is inspired by nature and its organic forms. With a synesthetic perception as a merging of the senses, to express my inner world results in a mostly instinctive symphony of colors. The use of mixed media enables me to transfer my emotions onto the canvas without boundaries. While I rarely have a specific image in mind, I rather let my imagination take over, creating spontaneous scenes that are not a reproduction of a natural scene, although nature is my source of inspiration. Rather, I want to project a sphere of the surreal, where energy is embodied as an abstraction, often having an overlap with nature.

My paintings have tactile qualities with layers of wildly differing viscosities, resulting in the formation of different structures that may ultimately be landscapes or abstract perceptions and memories of an emotional and surreal world. Each painting is a unique communication and demands its own life, wanting to question our perception, with the many layers of my work as an invitation to look beyond. As I lived most of my life close to nature and draw inspiration from the woods, lakes, mountains, as well music, life experiences, and personal reflection, my art shows the realm of life and makes the invisible visible for the viewer to get lost in their own perception.

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