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Asya Simon, born and raised in Moscow, started painting when she was young, and from 2008 to 2013 she studied at the Moscow University of Art and Design, mastering her talent in painting and graphic design. In seeking his personal artistic voice, he began to explore the form of contemporary art, in particular pop art. Here she was able to use her years of classical training, in color, composition and design to her advantage, allowing herself the freedom to explore and create her unique artistic expression. His creative process is defined by stages; first the composition is worked until the end of the sketch, then, once satisfied with the result, it begins to paint the original, specific and singular work. Photography is another form of art that he has studied and that he loves, incorporated in his unique pieces. His use of color is an important element in his creative process, using acrylic, oil paint, medium gels and paints, often mixed with sand, glass powder and other textile materials to complete the painting. In her series of portraits of women, Asya focuses on the eyes of her subjects, emphasizing the gaze and expression that immediately attracts the viewer's attention, communicating specific emotions of joy, tranquility. The aesthetic of his portraits is important in his presentation of his subjects; she explains in her own words: "Even when the character I am playing is aesthetically pleasing, I try to embellish even more, emphasizing her personality and individuality as a message for the viewer. Married in 2013 in the United States, she continued to create and exhibiting her works in group exhibitions and solo shows in the United States, Singapore, England and China, she has been represented in several galleries in Israel where she has lived since 2016 with her husband and two young children near Tel Aviv.

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