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Bravo Art Group, with galleries in Israel and China, is a leading art house that promotes Israeli and international artists. With years of experience, Bravo Art Group was born from the passion of its co-founder Charly Darwich. Our art collection includes works from great Israeli masters like David Gerstein, Joel Amit and Yaacov Agam as well as international artists such as Charles Fazzino, Claudia Limacher, Nadia Cascini and Roberta Diazzi.

Under the entrepreneurship of Charly Darwich, the Group has maintained a dynamic international program, taking its artists to the world’s best art fairs in Asia in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore. 

Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with curators and collectors Bravo Art Group can find rare artworks and exciting opportunities for collectors and investors including works of Picasso, Chagall, Miro’, Dali and more contemporary like Warhol and Basquiat.

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